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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I'll probably go on with the Street Delivery series until the end of the week, because I've still got some surprising shots I want to show you. Today's theme is mainly nothing, these are just some random pictures I took to show you both the artists and the scenery of the event.

The Hunchback of Arthur Verona

The street


Playing around

This guy was improvising a show in front of the people who sat at the "Barefoot on the grass" corner. The street was also full watching him turn around with his little bean sack.

I caught this other guy running at full speed through the crowded street on top of those torture instruments. I was so afraid he might fall that I sped up my picture taking rhythm in hope of catching a good glimpse of him on camera while he was still standing! And fortunately for him, he was a real pro and didn't fell, it was just me who was too scared to watch...

In motion

And last but not least - the true artist, the true photographer. I watched him for about 5 minutes while he was adjusting the little piece of paper on which was written Street Delivery behind the frame of the mirror and then while he was taking the pictures. I was really amazed by the attention he gave to all the small details and his idea of a picture was absolutely great. Can you figure out what he's photographing? Well it's the reflection of the street in the mirror with the little sign in the corner of the photo that says Street Delivery, just so that people know where it was taken. I was very impressed with him and a little ashamed that I hadn't thought of that idea first.

The artist

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