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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

While turning with my camera in all directions I spotted a few guys standing in front of some sort of "social art thing" - the kind of art where different people draw what they feel like drawing and the final result is a mixture of the many contributors.

These guys were holding spray paint in their hands and they painted some mushroom-like art forms. I took a picture of them because I thought they looked really cool and they invited me to join in! I was really excited but a little anxious... I don't really draw that well very fast... But I left my fears aside, they handed me some white spray paint and I drew the first thing that came to my mind - my signature! It's supposed to be a self-portrait ;)

This is how the art-mushrooms looked like before I could get my hands on the spray paint:

And afterwards... well I'd say there's a huge white-faced improvement! What do you think?

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