Probably the worst après-ski*

Thursday, 1 April 2010

* the ad you can find on all the slopes, great publicity!

Remember what I was telling you last week about the après-ski nightlife in St. Anton, Austria? That it was simply the best? Well… this is how it all starts when the sun is still shining and nobody has had enough beers yet:

The song is about polar bears, don't seem to ind the connection... It is however one of the most popular songs during wintertime in any après-ski bar in St. Anotn!

At the Mooserwirt you can also sit inside in the lodge, but as big as the two story building may seem, I haven't et managed in the past two years to find enough space to sit inside... So this is what happens when a couple of fellas order some beer inside:

Tough isn't it?! But hey, if a guy wants a beer, who can deny him that right?!

Although whenever I passed by the Mooserwirt I always heard Sweet Home Alabama I couldn’t seem to find any videos of that song, so I’ll just show you the second most played song at the hut – Sweet Caroline, this time with all time favourite… DJ ÖTZI!!!

As I have never managed to film the Mooserwirt, I hope you could, with this selection I dod on YouTube, at least feel some of the magic that happens there, when strangers become friends by sharing a table, some beers and lots of good music!

And now for the grand finale...

Next week some of my own videos, some other great après-ski fun ;)

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