Reminiscences of the past

Monday, 22 March 2010

From Piata Universitatii, the so called KM 0 of Bucharest, the Regina Maria Boulevard is full of old buildings that were once some of the city’s most prized cinemas. Young ladies used to stroll along the boulevard towards the Cismigiu Park, maids on their day off used to meet young soldiers for a movie, what is now left are only the scrappy facades and some old movie posters stuck to the doors of the old cinemas.

Cismigiu Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Bucharest, with lots of trees and flowers and shaded alleys. It also has a small artificial lake, where you can row boats during summer or on which you can skate during winter time. Near the park is one of the most well-known high schools of Bucharest, Liceul Lazar. A few decades ago, during the glory years of this high school, it was said that its pupils were the best in all rowing competitions because they used to skip classes and go rowing on the lake in the park for hours. This could be an advantage of having to go through the park in order to go to class… for the pupils of course!

At one of the entrances in the park, behind the parked cars, you can find one of the last old newspapers’ kiosk left.

With its beautiful architecture, it still has the poster of an old newspaper below its rooftop, Tineretul Liber – The Free Youth, testimony of the restless past.

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