Bucharest – city of extremes

Monday, 15 March 2010

Bucharest is a strange city, a city living two lives, somehow like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It embraces modern architecture, while still hanging on to the old communist gray blocks of apartments; it thrives in adding new skyscrapers to its confused skyline, while letting beautiful century-old masterpieces collapse under mould and decay. Who could understand the reasons behind this duplicity?

Although it may sound depressing, one thing this city has never lived without it’s its joy – the buzzing of people on the streets, the humming notes coming from small cafés on the winding little streets of the old city centre, kids playing in its huge parks – it all makes you feel very alive!

While still struggling to accept its new identity as a European capital, Bucharest is still hanging on to its past and that isn’t always the best way to deal with change… Sure, it were once called Little Paris but that fame is long gone. The restoration of the old part of the town and of many architectural monuments is already in progress, maybe someday soon tourists will see the true beauty of this city and stop talking about its huge potential, while taking photographs of ruins and stray dogs…

In the meantime, you can enjoy the bohème way of life through the ruins of the old centre thinking of the better days that are yet to come.

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