1st post jitters…

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I’ve thought a lot about the format of this blog and about whether it was going to be a series of nerve wrecking random pics and descriptions of cities throughout Europe and I thought his could either be great or pure chaos… then I remembered a movie I had watched when I was a kid – If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium!

The movie is about a guy named Charlie that guides American tourists in their vacation through Europe… That sounds easy, doesn’t it? The catch is that they’re supposed to visit 9 countries within 18 days… Such an attempt can result in pure chaos or memory loss, that’s why the title of the movie is so great. If you don’t know where you are, just find out the date and look it up in the programme of the trip – you’ll see in which country you’re supposed to be!

Using this movie as a guideline, I will attempt to bring a little bit of order in my posts writing about a different country every day (when I can keep up with this pace :p). So you’ll be able to know about which country I’m going to write next simply by thinking what day it is. And you’re going to find this out during the next few days ;)

16.06 - it's really difficult to write about a different country every day and you lose any continuity, so as of today I officially state that the initial idea of the organization of the posts is no longer true. Effective immediately! (or actually for some time now)

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